What is dego.finance

Blockchain has no "legs" in lack of impactful applications, while its financial infrastructure is over developed, like wallets and exchanges. We witnessed that DeFi becomes a norm that only urges people to speculate. So dego.finance aspires to create something addressing users’ need while bring the obscure blockchain to simple but fun apps, only few clicks away.

To date, the most prominent and real problem we solved is "Giving NFT Utility". NFT is now regarded as a digitalised ownership of an art but it has no impact beyond that. While we enabled Mining, Auction and Trading for an NFT, so its utility goes beyond just ownership.

Previsouly Dego was a very much DeFi driven project, but now dego.finance becomes a NFT+DeFi Fusion Reactor whose transparency and fairness is governed by Law of Codes. Now we aspire to offers two things,

1) A stand-alone but open NFT ecosystem that draws users to entre blockchain space, where anyone could issue NFT, initiate mining, auction, trading and etc, taking care of the lifecycle of an NFT.

2) An NFT Protocol as a cross-chain Layer 2 Infrastructure to Blockchain projects for user acquisition, token distribution and more diverse NFT applications.

The core team believes in “Blockchain for Good” and has a track record of delivering Dapps that gains mass adoption. Dego is like Lego bricks in Blockchain that provides fun-to-use and easy-to-integrate products and tools. We are determined to do bring blockchain application to ordinary people for everyday use.