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What is

Dego Finance is an innovative platform aggregating DeFi and NFT, which employs a modular design approach to integrate various elements and form subsystems with specific functionalities. By combining these subsystems into a universal module alongside other modules, DEGO creates a comprehensive system with multiple functions and enhanced performance.
In the DeFi+NFT realm, DEGO acts as the equivalent of LEGO bricks, allowing for the construction of diverse and interconnected protocols. Each protocol can be seen as a brick, and building the DEGO ecosystem is akin to constructing a castle using LEGO bricks. The platform offers diverse products, including Liquidity Mining, NFT Auction, NFT Minting, NFT Trading, AIGC (AI+NFT), and more, providing users with a comprehensive and dynamic product portfolio.
The platform includes the DEGO NFT Suite, offering a complete suite of products to manage the lifecycle of NFTs:
  • NFT Foundry: Mint NFTs with unique attributes and rarity grades by depositing DEGO, ERC-20, or BEP-20 tokens. DEGO Finance's NFTs are backed by the token deposits during the minting process and can be decomposed to release the deposited tokens.
  • NFT Mining: Stake NFTs and mine rewards.
  • Auctions: NFT auctions are carried out in the form of FOMO3D auctions.
  • ScanDrop: A dApp for users to participate in NFT airdrops by scanning QR codes.
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