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DEGO is the utility token of the Dego platform and has the following use cases:
  • Governance: DEGO token holders will vote on platform parameters to navigate the project’s economics and developments.
  • Incentives: DEGO tokens are used to incentivize user participation in bounty hunting, referrals, and other programs in the future.
  • NFT Suite: DEGO tokens are required for NFT minting, staking, auction, trading and more.
  • System Tax: Users who transact with DEGO tokens will contribute to a dividend pool.

Token Specification

  • Name: DEGO Finance Token
  • Symbol: DEGO
  • Network: Ethereum / BinanceSmartChain
  • Spec: ERC20 / BEP20
  • Precision: 18

Smart Contract Address

New DEGO (ERC20) smart contract address:
New DEGO (BEP20) smart contract address:
New DEGO Arbitrum smart contract address:

Token Allocation

Total Supply (100%): 21,000,000 DEGO
Token Name
Public Sale
10.00% of the total token supply
30% of the total token supply
3.75% of the total token supply
Airdrop Rewards
1.00% of the total token supply
Mining Rewards
50.00% of the total token supply
Uniswap Liquidity
5.25% of the total token supply


Token Circulation


Destruction of DEGO

When a user transfers DEGO token, 0.1% trading fees of the transferred amount will be deducted, 0.05% of fees will be directly burned, the remaining 0.05% will be transferred to the Dividend Pool.
  • Destroy Address: 0x6666666666666666666666666666666666666666
  • Dividend Pool Address: 0xed355Cab6Cb0d1F88b25f091E57aa57f911a2e30

Pre-sale Details

DEGO Pre-sale was scheduled for Sep 12th.

Cap 1: 750 ETH (1,425,000 DEGO)

The presale will consist of 3 rounds with different prices, and there is no specific time limit between each round; when the first round is sold out, the second round will start immediately.
  • Round 1: 150 ETH, 1ETH = 3,000 DEGO; Maximum: 5 ETH/Address
  • Round 2: 300 ETH, 1ETH = 2,000 DEGO; Maximum: 5 ETH/Address
  • Round 3: 300 ETH, 1ETH = 1,500 DEGO; Maximum: 5 ETH/Address

Cap 2: 100 ETH (150,000 DEGO)

For 50 Whitelisted users only. The whitelist lottery registration was opened on 7 Sep.
  • 1ETH = 1,500 DEGO; Maximum: 2 ETH/Address

Cap 3: 150 ETH (525,000 DEGO)

For Developers Community Supporters.
  • 1ETH = 3,500 DEGO; Maximum: 10 ETH/Address

Uniswap Initial Liquidity

  • 700 ETH & 1,200,000 DEGO
  • Uniswap Listing Price: 1ETH = 1,496 DEGO