Token Migration

DEGO New Token Contract:

  • We implemented ⅘ multisig system.

  • Added blacklist and also added contract suspension feature.

  • Destruction of DEGO: The transfer and destroy fees was set to 0%-20% of the transfer amount after the migration was complete.

The new DEGO ERC20 smart contract: 0x3da932456d082cba208feb0b096d49b202bf89c8

The new DEGO BEP20 smart contract: 0x3Da932456D082CBa208FEB0B096d49b202Bf89c8

New DEGO Multisig Address

  • Binance Smart Chain

dego-admin-bnb: 0x02825c0a0A328356060d93b6Fff167d8BD1c7905

dego-team-bnb: 0x14A5A080151aCB60F60e581Ce36B6D4fbf56c309

dego-reward-bnb: 0xed355Cab6Cb0d1F88b25f091E57aa57f911a2e3

  • Ethereum Chain

dego-admin-eth: 0x2546BF7283D0FA3E511A3C3D1A8C75523Abd4e1e

dego-team-eth: 0x60c83ABB01e8E023BF887dc36E0A030642298a28

dego-reward-eth: 0x72A7E0764A06697d8755048Ccec37A37106e4798


  • Only Token holders before the snapshot time were eligible to exchange tokens. Snapshot block height before 14340334 (Ethereum chain)/15853612 (Binance Smart Chain).

  • The new DEGO token were not burnt during the claim/migration period (100 days after the claim system opens).

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