We are a team scattered around the globe and decentralization is our cause. We are grateful to all supporters thus far. To help DEGO sustain and build better products, we have decided to accept donations and here is the address for incoming donations. The use of each donation will be made public on chain
    ETH: 0x9Eb779Db80A0eA201EBa506b8708550B4BF633eF
    BTC: 1Pv7yLWSsfj5FpJzornfaS9yhq3SBqbBVA
    TRON: TGXvXcPZZofkkLYhE6hkXMTUj5cdKZYgp2
    Polkadot: 13myyNpFTbmaDPh59EaBpQ4efodWk3GKKq5edK72dC9puFmH
    Binance Smart Chain: 0x9Eb779Db80A0eA201EBa506b8708550B4BF633eF
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