BNB Chain

The airdrop of BNB Chain officially launched at 1 PM UTC+0 on 14th OCT, 2020.

BSC Roadmap:

  • The launch of BSC NFT airdrop
  • The launch of DEGO NFT Market on BSC and Pick Claim
  • The launch of BSC-NFT mining


  • 1) The ETH address with the first 15,184 PICKs (Token ID 1-15184, including mining PICKs) can claim the same number and grade(except for V6 PICK) of PICKs, among which the address with the V6 PICK can only claim V5 PICK. (The Pick does not need to be claimed by the users. Picks will be directly dropped to your BSC address within 24 hours.)
  • 2) an extra 40k PICKs were to be claimed in BSC network. Each BSC address can only claim once before the end. (At 1PM UTC+0 on 15th, you will be able to claim NFTs but do prepare BNBs as the gas on your address.)
  • 3) The maximum number of V6 PICK in the BSC network is 20, which can only be claimed randomly.
  • 4) The PICK claimed can be decomposed after 1000 years only, which doesn’t constitute an increase of total DEGO supply.

Whitelist Rules:

The first 15,184 PICKs (Token ID 1-15184) will be airdropped again to the 40k addresses in the whitelist. Details of the whitelist as follows:
  • 1. DEGO/LP holder
  • 2. Addresses that traded DEGO in Uniswap
  • 3. Early donors
  • 4. User who purchased the invitation code
  • 5. Addresses that participated in the auction
  • 6. Addresses that participated in the Ambassador Election
  • 7. BSC Active Users: The top 500 Addresses of each project have the chance to claim random DEGO official NFT, 1)Burger 2)Cake 3)Bella 4)XVS 5)CREAM
  • 8. The top 10K registered addresses (with the most invitees) in the Telegram Invitation Activity in September
  • 9. The addresses from RT activity registration form(First come, first served after it’s open)


BSC Wallet Tutorial

How to Claim the Airdrop