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Minging Pools

1) Each Pick Grade represent different Mining Power (See below). Users can assess their return based on NFT Mining Power table below.
Mining Efficiency
1.1+ 0.1*Productivity/5000
1.2+ 0.1*(Productivity-5000)/3000
1.3+ 0.1*(Productivity-8000/1000
1.4+ 0.2*(Productivity-9000)/800
1.6+ 0.2*(Productivity-9800)/180
1.8+ 0.2*(Productivity-9980)/20
Power = DEGO Par Value * Mining Efficiency
2) There are three NFT pools, which also represent three competing teams. Each pool accounts for 0.5% of the total supply/105,000 for each pool, and every single pool produces 52,500 DEGO tokens in first week then production halves each week.
3) The aggregated staked mining power is calculated every 24 hours. Pool with most mining power will receive an injection of 0.05% DEGO of total supply daily (this last for 10 days).
4) For each address, if the total DEGO value of NFT staked exceeds 200 in one of the first three pools, the DEGO value staked shall be capped and calculated as 200.
5) If tokens staked for mining stay "staked" for less than 72 hrs, 10% of the rewards are deducted if you choose to Harvest then the deducted rewards will be transfered to the Dividend Pool. Mining Production will be halved every 7 days.

How to Stake NFT

Users need to have a PICK to participate in the NFT mining pool.
1. After connecting to the wallet, click ‘GEGO’ module and then click ‘Mining’. You'll see 3 NFT mining pools
2. Select the pool you want to participate in, and then click ‘Approve’ to authorize.
  • Message in the red boxes are: 1) DEGO value of NFT participating in mining, 2) DEGO price, 3) Halving time
  • Note: DEGO value staked in one of the three pools shall be capped at 200 DEGO for each address.