Why BSC?

Why DEGO is integrating into BSC?
Many approached me and the core team regarding our recent choice of launching Dego.finance as Dapp on Binance Smart Chain. I explained multiple times and here I’d do it again.
“Why BSC over Cosmos, EOS, Tron, Solana and etc.?”
We did seriously examine all popular chains besides Ethereum. We show respect to engineers; there is infinite potential to make breakthroughs, and we have more chances to succeed.
Why do people care about which blockchain we build on now? Are we all crypto-fundamentalists overnight? Ordinary users cannot perceive the underlying chain when using a product.
For Dego, the priority is user experience and the biggest complaint we encounter is the expensive GAS, which is an inherent flaw of Ethereum.
Having a compact dev team, we cannot just deploy on multiple chains. We did get offered to integrate to Solana from Serum team, which we appreciate because Serum and its affiliates have the best pro-geekiness support. But a waste of manpower is counter-productive since we have a very clear roadmap and exciting products to deliver.
BSC in our opinion is the best choice, faster integration and lower GAS, for an “Ethereum Dapp” like dego.finance who aims to deliver and scale.
Dego is not exclusive to any blockchain, and you will see us running on multiple chains. We are also brewing original protocols to be interoperable with all blockchains. USERS matters more than underlying blockchain. Without community, DEGO would be worthless. BSC is the first footprint.
Have a good one guys! Grab a cold one for me.